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Everyone is interested in where the DIUS, Adapter ver. Program appeared on the world market. MPI-3.
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technodoc.pp.ua is a e-commerce website for sale diagnostic systems for various vehicles. We are not the official representatives of any vehicle manufacturers.

We began to collect useful information and began to study technical documentation that could help us in implementing our plans. At the same time, we bought many different diagnostic equipment to compare the capabilities and conduct tests.

The test results proved that none of the equipment and software that we tested can surpass the original software B.U.D.S. (BRP Utility and Diagnostic Software) and their MPI interface (Multi Protocol Interface).

At the time we conducted the tests, the BUDS and MPI Interface software was significantly more expensive than other diagnostic equipment. But we gave our preference to the universality of the diagnostic kit BUDS, despite its high cost.

The main advantages (in our opinion) of BUDS due to which it is the best are the following:

Ability to update electronic modules (install regular updates from BRP);
Unlimited number of vehicles (VIN) for servicing during the validity of any license;
Using of BUDS with a developer's privileges (license Megatech / Mechatronic Expert) allows you to change some important values ​​and parameters which cannot be changed by any other diagnostic tools. More detailed you can read here;
Regular software improvements.
Thus, after we identified the winner, we decided to create a website where any mechanic (repair shop or owner of only one vehicle) can buy the BUDS / BUDS2 diagnostic system.

The original software BUDS with their diagnostic equipment can be used for full diagnostics of all * BRP vehicles:

PWC and sport boats SeaDoo;
ATV and SSV Can-Am;
Snowmobiles Skidoo and Lynx;
Tricycles Roadster Spyder Can-Am.
For buyers of BUDS diagnostic kits on our website, we provide access to our FTP server where we store all collected materials related to the diagnosis and repair of BRP vehicles: service manuals, instructions, BUDS software.

In addition, we are the official representative of the DIUS Flasher software developer.

DIUS Flasher is designed to replace and restore the firmware of the ECM modules for BRP vehicles and works through the same equipment as BUDS - MPI interface. In our database there are many standard (default, stock) and improved (tuning) firmware for different types of BRP vehicles SeaDoo, Can-Am, Skidoo.

We are open for cooperation.

All your questions and wishes you can send to us through the Contact Us form. We'll respond within 24 hours.

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